The Northlands

The Northlands

The Northlands cover the most north-eastern part of the kingdom of Mondaar. It borders the Duchy of Audimar to the south-east and to the east the wild lands of the nomadic barbarian tribes and what remains of the great elven forest of Imrynais. It expands as far north as the Wastelands and the Western Sea is it’s western border.

While the biggest, or most populous city is the port city of Seacliff, the Northlands are ruled from Hydor by Duke Lariel Quelfa’ar. The south of the territory is quite heavily populated, especially around Lake Mykkanel. North of Hydor however, towns become fewer and father between, the land mostly consisting of farm lands.

Most of the mountains in the area are inhabited by dwarves, under the rule of King Bordrick. Both the city of Gan, west of Hydor, and Argomos, the capital, to the north are joined by a maze of underground tunnels spanning the hundreds of miles.


Many humans immigrated to the Northlands after it was ‘settled’ (one does not use the word conquered) with the promise of prime lands for farming. These new towns also drew other humanoids looking for work and most towns of the north hold their fare share of elves, halflings, gnomes, orcs and goblins, among others.


While magic is common enough in Mondaar, the average peasant will usually not react positively to its use. The reaction is usually that of nervousness, fear, contempt or even outright anger. It is something beyond the comprehension of most folk and something they naturally are wary of. In major cities its use is restricted, and for good reason. City folk are however a little more tolerant than those in the rural areas of the kingdom. Necromancy and blood magics are heavily frowned upon and are officially outlawed, but outside of the cities these laws are only marginally enforced.

Few institutes exist to teach the magical arts and if one is keen to learn, they often have to find a suitable teacher and become an apprentice. Well known wizards can often have multiple apprentices, but few make it to become fully-fledged wizards.

The Northlands

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